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Many of the Afghan passengers mentioned in Operation Pineapple Express are still struggling with transition and resettlement needs, while thousands of others are still trapped in Afghanistan. Pineapple Shepherds continue to support them through their own private finances, but it’s becoming difficult to sustain.

Individuals selected to receive funding are Part of the original Task Force Pineapple manifest. In other words, they are known individuals within the year-long effort and have a US Guide who knows their history and affiliations or they are an Afghan Special Operator, National Mine Reduction Group Member, Special Operations Interpreter, or family member of one of these categories who is highly vetted by a US Guide, or – by rare exception – an at-risk Afghan who has contributed to the Afghan Government or the safety/security of US Forces, who has been vouched for by a US or Western Guide.

All candidates considered for support by the Operation Pineapple Express Relief fund must be pre-vetted by a known US guide who has knowledge of and 1st-line connection to the individual in question. OPE Relief will maintain a close handle on current OFAC regulations and updates to sanctioned terror groups.

This relief is designed to be episodic and extremely focused on vetted individuals. By not focusing funding on any collective organizations, we vastly reduce the risk of any support going to illegal groups.

If you’d like to help support the emergency needs of safe passage out of Afghanistan, plus unforeseen resettlement needs of our Pineapple Passengers and other at-risk Afghans. Operation Pineapple Express Relief is now accepting donations to support these efforts.